DJB Fonts -- 5 Reasons to have your child's handwriting turned into a font.

5 Reasons to Get Your Child’s Font

DJB Fonts -- 5 Reasons to have your child's handwriting turned into a font.

As a scrapbooker, the mood of a layout is always greatly effected by what font I choose to use. And when I’m writing pages about my boys in their younger years (oh…where did those wee boys go?), it’s great to be able to use a font that reflects a child-like quality on them. Better yet, it’s great when I can use their own font. The words have even more meaning to be written in their own handwriting, even if it is digital. And it makes it even more special to me when they chime in with the story, themselves!  See? They grow up SOOOOO fast!

They grow up so fast, momma! Get their handwriting done today!

As a homeschooling teacher, plus having one boy with dysgraphia who uses his computer for most school work, the ability to have his own handwriting on the screen made him feel a little less different. Our papers were almost normal. Besides, it’s just fun!

So why should you have your child’s handwriting as a font?

5 Reasons to Have Your Child’s Handwriting Made into a Font

1. Because they’ll never be this little again. The end.

Oh, you want more reasons? Okay, here goes.
<insert sad puppy dog eyes music now>

2. Be able to record their memories of now, later. If you’re a scrapbooker, that means you’ll be able to record their little kid memories, in their little kid writing, when you finally get around to finishing those pages when the little kid is now 26.

3.  They’ll have so much fun practicing typing skills when it looks like their handwriting.

4. You can write their reports for them and say -see? They DID write it!

5. Because they’ll never be this little again. Can’t be said enough. And you’ll regret it if you don’t. The same way you regret not saving ALL of their drawings from Kindergarten to make a wallpaper for the bathroom. Yes, that exact same way.

They grow up so fast, momma! Get their handwriting done today!

It’s okay, Mom, really. Don’t cry now. Look, little Jimmy just smeared peanut butter on the carpet. All better?

I try to do my best to create every child’s font that comes my way for free.


Want to turn your handwriting into a font for free? Check out the details here.

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33 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Get Your Child’s Font

  1. I would love to win! I LOVED school growing up, and it’s fun the second time around too! 🙂 New school supplies, teachers, class lists… So many possibilities!

  2. My favorite thing about back to school is seeing all the “new” things my kids get. Well, now it’s just my daughter, my son is much older and graduated several years ago. I love all the new paper, pens/pencils, glue, erasers, clothes, etc. It’s like a whole new beginning of a great adventure. Every year is so different than the year past. It’s just amazing to watch my kids grow – and going back to school is a definite sign that they’re growing/maturing! It’s bittersweet.

    Thank you for this awesome chance. I love my daughter’s handwriting, it’s very kid/teenage-like and it reminds me of when I was that age. I remember trying to write all sorts of ways. Do I want to curl my “Y” a lot, or a little, etc…before you know it, your handwriting is morphed into what it will be for life!

    Thank you so much for this chance!!!!!

  3. My son is starting at a new school this year and we are both a bit nervous and excited. I’m looking forward to it and I hate to say why but I’ve been with my son 24/7 (except for 2.5 days) for the past 3 months. I love him to pieces but this Momma is ready for a break!

  4. This year the most exciting thing for me is to see how excited my son is to start Kindergarten. He hasn’t stopped talking about it. He met his teacher today and he already didn’t want to share her with any of the other parents and students at the Meet n Greet. I can’t wait to walk him to school and see the way his eyes shine.

    I’m sure I’ll be crying. 😉

  5. My favourite thing about back to school is new school supplies. I always get some for myself too. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I love shopping for school supplies and such… oh, what the heck… what I love most about back-to-school is having time for myself again 🙂

  7. My favorite thing about back to school is how much my kids appreciate each other again, once they realize they aren’t together all day like they were in the summer. 🙂

  8. Wow! This is a great idea! Thank you for this chance, Darcy! 🙂
    My favorite thing about back to school is the smile and the excitement of discovering new things that I see on my girl’s eyes! 🙂

  9. Ooh I didn’t even know there was a contest till I finished reading! Yay! lol. My fave part of back to school is the quiet and peace at the house, lol. Never knew I’d be so glad for school to start again!! I love having Connor’s handwriting so much – I would LOVE to get his brother’s! 🙂 Thank you for the chance! XOXO 🙂

  10. I love when my kids come home from school that first day so excited to tell me how their day went. It is my favorite part of the school year. Thanks for the chance!

  11. My favorite thing about returning to school schedules is the structure. It’s nice to have a plan for the day so everyone knows what to expect, and a reason for them to get out of bed in the morning!

  12. I love everything about the new school year–supplies, books, new beginnings, etc. But this year I am especially thankful that my high school age daughter, after a pretty horrific vehicle accident, is here to start another year of school. God spared her life, and we are looking forward to great things this year!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win–I would love to have her very teenage, girly handwriting as a font.

  13. As a child I loved all the new goodies I got for back to school. 🙂 (you know children are selfish) Now as a mother, I like that we get back to our daily routine, and it’s not only on my (and their father’s) shoulder to occupy them. 🙂 And of course I like to buy new stuff for them!

  14. Wow, tks for the chance to win!
    I like the Back to School because I have more time to do my scrpas and also because my son loves the school, every day he comes back telling new things every day and becomes smarter and happier.

  15. I would love to win this! I didn’t even know this was possible! Great idea!! I love it! My favorite thing about back to school is that I can get back into a schedule and get more done during the day. Though it makes me sad that my youngest is starting 4K this year!

  16. Thanks for the chance to win!
    My favorite thing about back-to-school is just seeing how excited my girl is! She is just in grade 1, so I hope this lasts, but for now, I will treasure her excitement!! She is counting down the sleeps!

  17. I am not sure there is anything I like about back to school. It is actually the first year for my little one. She is super excited and I am, well….not excited. She will do great, but I am already thinking she has grown too fast and I have already missed out on things I will not get back. Thanks for the chance.

  18. Thank you for the opportunity to win. My favorite thing about back to school is the return of a routine. This year I’m very pleased that my daughter is loving school and it’s not hard to get her out the door.

  19. I love back to school because I know Adrienne is learning all she can. And she wants to be perfect in everything she does!

  20. I love helping my kids get school supplies that express their personalities! This year, my 6 year old daughter chose a tie dyed backpack!

  21. I loved all the new stuff – new clothes, new supplies and just going back to school to learn. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  22. When I first saw this I thought, oh my boys received the bad hand writing gene from both sides, but after actually reading the whole post you are so right. As for back to school I love seeing my boys all spick and span in their uniforms every morning. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I love the shopping for supplies, I love the new year feel: new teacher, new room, new start and I love the routine (I’m even shocked by that last one).

  24. I love the approach of fall and the kids being able to see friends they haven’t seen all summer. It also means the return to a (hectic) schedule. 🙂

  25. Our back to school was in January and it was Jessica’s first day of primary school. We were all so excited that morning, she looked so cute in her uniform and her school backpack was nearly bigger than her. All day I was wondering what she was doing and couldnt wait to pick her up. I so wanted her to have a fun day and meet new little friends. When I saw her smiling and happy as she walked out the door I was so relieved ..she loves school!! Would so love to win this thanks for the chance to win Darcy 🙂

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