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usBack in 1995, in the days before the internet as you probably know it, when AOL was still charging by the minute for use, I met a boy in a C.S. Lewis chatroom and fell in love. We had really huge internet bills, we had really big phone bills,  We married a year later, then had two adorably geeky boys that match our own geeky personalities. We’ve since spent the last 18 years learning about life and absorbing knowledge with our boys at home! Yep, we’re proud homeschoolers!

I’ve been a fontographer, specializing in creating personal handwriting fonts for scrapbookers, teachers and professionals since 2007.  I love being able to help people bring their handwriting to their memories, knowing that those who come after us will love seeing those more personalized stories. I got my start when I was a creative team member of Kimberly Geswein when we were digital scrapbookers together. When she decided to take a break from creating handwriting fonts, I worked with her to learn the how-to’s of font creating, and then branched out to create my own fontography business.

I currently work on creating my own fonts, collaborate with graphic designers to make fonts come alive, and still work with folks to digitize their handwriting fonts for all sorts of uses, not just scrapbooking, and I still get excited when I see my work somewhere out in the world!myboys

You can usually find me hands-deep in a science project with these boys, watching Doctor Who with my family, or with my nose in a book.



If you’d like to get your handwriting made into a font, please visit this page for more information!

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi!! I was searching the web for fonts for a future project of mine and stumbled upon this site. Your fonts are AMAZING! But, it was your “About Me” that has absolutely won me over!!! Although I’m in the preliminaries of what I’m creating, when I begin to make it happen, I am ABSOLUTELY choosing YOUR fonts!

  2. I am so looking forward to using my own handwriting on my scrapbook pages. Not because my handwriting is anything special, because it isn’t but because it is mine. My Mom passed away in 2000 and I have scoured the house for letters or recipes she had written. Just wanted something to hang on to. Hope my children and grandchildren will enjoy having a piece of me when I’m gone.

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