Introducing Free Font Fridays

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Fridays – they’re always so special, aren’t they? Promise of fun and excitement? The end of a dreary work week or a break from school? They hold such promise!

And here’s a promise I’m making to you!

Every Friday. Yes, Every.Single.Friday. I’m going to be bringing you FREE FONTS!

That’s right, you read that correctly.



Some days, I’ll give you a brand new DJB Font.

Some days, I’ll focus on a font I already have available elsewhere for you to grab.

Some days, I’ll highlight new awesome fonts I’ve found on the web.

Some days, I’ll revisit old favorites to make them new again.

Best of all —


For today – my focus is on 2 areas you can always find free DJB Fonts:


The fonts are free for personal use (not-for-profit). If you have a question about what constitutes personal use, check out this info or contact me with questions.

If you would like to use this for your commercial/professional ventures, please purchase a commercial use license here. For your records, be sure to include the name of the font you are purchasing the license for.

Happy Friday!


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10 thoughts on “Introducing Free Font Fridays

  1. Thanks Darcy – love these fonts. You are too kind :) Swirl Me Around is super cool – will be using that one for sure!

  2. Hi ! I love all of your fonts :) i was just wondering if you’ll still be selling the ones you had on sweet shoppe. If so i would love to buy a few that i had my eye on. Please let me know, thank you

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