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What’s Your Storytelling Personality?

What's your storytelling personality? Storytelling Inspiration from Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

My Mom and Dad were happy story tellers. All the stories they told were of happy times. I’m not sure if it’s because there were a lot of not happy times they just didn’t want to remember, of if it’s because they were just wired to remember those happy moments in life – and those were their memories. Our photos, the stories told around the table and in cars on trips were always the happy moment. I don’t think either were trying to hide anything, i just think that’s the way they were.

I did an informal poll today on both my Facebook page and at Sweet Shoppe to get an idea of how you scrapped. It was about 75% Real to 25% Happy. Neither is right or wrong. Being a Happy scrapper doesn’t mean you’re sweeping things under the rug, nor does being a Real scrapper mean you’re so focused on the dark part of life you can’t see joy. I think it’s a personality trait more than anything.

I loved what Dawn had to say about her Happy journaling personality:

I tend to shy away from the bad stuff, or I will mention it but don’t go into a lot of detail about it. Especially if it is my kid who is going through a bad time, like bad behavior or medical stuff. I’m not sure it’s fair of me to throw a lot of info out there in our albums which could embarrass them later down the road. I guess I’m a believer that some things are TMI or just private to the person experiencing them. I do on rare occasion do a page just for catharsis about my own stuff, but I keep that just for me and don’t put it in our family albums.

Here’s a sample of a real journaling story from my team member, Laura. She’s pretty famous for telling it like it is in hour journal style, and sharing her innermost angst as well as joys.

Me, on the other hand, I’m a mixture. When looking through my gallery, I found that I do like to scrap all of our times, which are mostly happy, and even when I’m scrapping the not so great times, I’m not fully sharing my anxiety or fear, but wanting to make sure I get that moment down…because it happened. Our lives are full of joy and pain, sorry and happiness, and while I don’t want to dwell on the bad, I do want to record the memory as long as it is a  memory of our journey, and not delving into the pain. Here’s an example

Argh?  by Darcy Baldwin @ Sweet Shoppe Designs

Our son was diagnosed with Amblyopia about a year ago, and I had a ton of mommy-guilt about why we hadn’t noticed any of the signs earlier. Aiden was really concerned about what people were going to think of him, and frustrated by all this new attention that made him feel uncomfortable and pulling him away from his safe little world. But I found when I journaled it, I was a little more matter of fact about it, and stuck with more of the story of the actual aftermath and the funny side of it more than I told the angst, but I still shared the moment of uncertainty with the layout.

What about you? How do YOU scrap your stories? Are you Happy or Real?  I bet most of you fall somewhere in between. My new collection gives you a little of both!

I Tell Stories Font Collection by Darcy Baldwin {fontography} @ Sweet Shoppe DesignsIt’s 20% off through 8/7/2013 – use it to tell your Happy and your Real stories!


5 Reasons to Have Your Child’s Handwriting as a Font

5 reasons to have your child's handwriting as a font  - gotta get this done now!

As a scrapbooker, the mood of a layout is always greatly effected by what font I choose to use. And when I’m writing pages about my boys in their younger years (oh…where did those wee boys go?), it’s great to be able to use a font that reflects a child-like quality on them. Better yet, it’s great when I can use their own font. The words have even more meaning to be written in their own handwriting, even if it is digital. And it makes it even more special to me when they chime in with the story, themselves!

As a homeschooling teacher, plus having one boy with dysgraphia who uses his computer for most school work, the ability to have his own handwriting on the screen made him feel a little less different. Our papers were almost normal. Besides, it’s just fun!

So why should you have your child’s handwriting as a font?

5 Reasons to Have Your Child’s Handwriting Made into a Font

1. Because they’ll never be this little again. The end.

Oh, you want more reasons? Okay, here goes.
<insert sad puppy dog eyes music now>

2.Be able to record their memories of now, later. If you’re a scrapbooker, that means you’ll be able to record their little kid memories, in their little kid writing, when you finally get around to finishing those pages when the little kid is now 26.

3.  They’ll have so much fun practicing typing skills when it looks like their handwriting.

4. You can write their reports for them and say -see? They DID write it!

5. Because they’ll never be this little again. Can’t be said enough. And you’ll regret it if you don’t. The same way you regret not saving ALL of their drawings from Kindergarten to make a wallpaper for the bathroom. Yes, that exact same way.

It’s okay, Mom, really. Don’t cry now. Look, little Jimmy just smeared peanut butter on the carpet. All better?


How about if I give you a chance to win your own child’s handwriting font? Isn’t that awesome? Just tell me your favorite thing about back to school, and I’ll randomly draw a winner on 8/24/2013 at 10pm central. Winner then receives a Free Handwriting Font Creation Service to use for their child’s handwriting.

If you’d like to get your or your child’s handwriting made into a font, here is the way to do it!

Get your handwriting made into a font by Darcy Baldwin {fontography} Get your handwriting made into a font by Darcy Baldwin {fontography} - how cool is this!?


Here are some child-like handwriting font packs I have in the shoppe!

Brat Pack Fonts by Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

Brat Pack 2 Font Pack by Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

coming 8/17/2013:

Ready for School Font Pack by Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

Mom! I’m Bored!! How to Create a Summer Boredom Buster Jar Activity

Mom! I'm bored!! Create an I'm Bored Jar for Summer by Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

Summer break usually brings lots of excitement and fun things to do, but the inevitable, “Mom! I’m bored!” happens all to often and all too soon!

So what’s a Mom to do? Be prepared! A bored jar for summer can be a great way to keep yourself ready at a moment for that question. You’re bored? Well, here, let’s pick something from the bored jar so that you won’t be so bored anymore.

I used this printable by Meg Mullins and myself at Sweet Shoppe Designs to create this project, but you can do it with any craft items you have around the house, or any other kit you love:

Mom! I'm Bored! Bored Jar Printables from Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

Click image to purchase this printable for only $1.50 through August 15th!


  • Print out the printable sheets on 8.5 x 11 paper – you can use card stock or photo paper as well.
  • Cut out the activity piece you want to use
  • Cut out the activity strips
  • Glue, mod podge or tape the jar band to the mason jar.
  • Glue, mod podge or tape the lid piece to your lid. (I suggest you use a screw top on your jar instead of the ring and lid of a typical canning jar, but those will work as well)
  • Write your activities on  your activity strips
  • Store in jar.

You can definitely create a jar from any canister that you have, and from any crafting supplies that you have. To make it even more fun, turn the activity over to your kids to decorate and create!

Some Boredom Buster ideas:

Take a hike – whether in your house, around your yard, or in your neighborhood, find fun ways to hike and see things like you’ve never seen them before!

Spaghetti painting - this is really fun for kids of all ages because you can be really intricate in the final creation with your painted noodles. Try making the Eiffel Tower!

Make a fort – whether a blanket over some chairs for the littles, or some boxes and other found objects in the back yard for the big kids, forts are a summer time ritual!

Sponge Tag - even in water restricted areas, sponge tag is a way you can play in the water without breaking those restrictions. You can have the kids make sponge balls, or just use sponges, or get the swimming pool balls from the dollar store, fill a bucket up with water and let the fun begin!

“Paint” the fence – for the younger crowd, painting the fence can bring Mom a good 15-20 minutes of peace and quiet as the take spray bottles and brushes of all sizes plus a tub of water and paint the fence. You can do all sorts of fun designs on it that disappear so that you have to do it over again! You can do this on the sidewalk as well.

Sun paintings – one of our favorite things for my guys when they were little were taking pieces of black construction paper, found objects, and arranging them on the paper on the sidewalk. In the course of 15 min or however long they wanted to do, the sun would bleach the paper, leaving behind fun designs on the paper where the objects were. Leaves, sticks, pennies, toys, rocks – everything works for this easy activity.

Be an ice archeologist! This may take a little pre-planning on your part, but definitely worth the effort. Freeze a few little toys into blocks of ice to allow the kids to go and chip away at them on a hot afternoon. They get new toys, you get a little peace! You can do this in layers to keep the toys in the middle by freezing one in a layer of ice, then adding another with another layer, etc.

Balloon Bombs – This is an activity for the older kids and one you must hand them the supplies and walk away. Just walk away, Mom. Let them have fun, ignore the mess and screams and try really hard not to join in. Put some baking soda into a balloon with a funnel, then pour vinegar into it. Tie it up quickly. Wait for it…wait for it….BAM! Repeat. They’ll want to do it over and over and over again.

And check out Pinterest for a host of ideas garnered from other moms around the world to help keep their kids busy on those looong, boooring, hoooot summer days!

If you have other ideas for great activities or have a bored jar of your own, please share!


What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

My handwriting tells me that I’m always in much too big of a hurry, that I’m never going to be able to read it later when I think I can, and that I might be a little intense at times.  What does your handwriting say about you? Check out this cool infographic!

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

While I don’t take it as gospel, it’s sure fun!
So, what does your handwriting say about you? Share with us!