{FREE FONT FRIDAY} Uncertain Tense

{FREE FONT FRIDAY} Uncertain Tense from Darcy Baldwin {fontography} Free for Personal Use. See TOU for commercial terms

Fridays just always seem to be awesome, don’t they?! I have awesome news, an awesome free font, and hope that YOU have an awesome weekend!

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While I have left the designing world, I still have a heart for helping people find their voices for their own stories in their scrapbooking, and am happy to announce that I’m partnering up with Digital Scrapper to make my handwriting font services available for a limited time. You’ll also be able to pick up a few of my bestselling font packs while you’re there if you missed them before. I love Digital Scrapper because the whole staff has a heart for teaching people to scrapbook, in whatever way brings them meaning. Whether you’re a clustery scrapper, a simple scrapper, a pocket scrapper, a classic scrapper, or a paper-inspired scrapper, you’re welcomed!  They have great classes and tutorials and their sole focus is on teaching you how to use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements fully to make the most of your time scrapbooking.

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The deadline to turn in any font orders that you have is still December 31, 2014 to be honored. But if you missed out before, here’s your last chance to take advantage of my services!

And now….
FREE FONT FRIDAY at DarcyBaldwin.com

Uncertain Tense was always one of my favorite quirky fonts that I created as it was fairly neutral and great for journaling…with an occasional surprise QUIRK thrown in!

{FREE FONT FRIDAY} Uncertain Tense from Darcy Baldwin {fontography} Free for Personal Use. See TOU for commercial terms

Click on the image to be taken to my dafont.com site and download it now! I’d love it if you would share your layouts with me when you use it – I always love seeing your work!

Saying Goodbye to Sweet Shoppe Designs


After having been in the fontography and designing business since 2007,  it is time for me to hang up my designing hat and say goodbye to Sweet Shoppe Designs. It’s been such a pleasure being at the shoppe, getting to know so many extraordinary women, being a part of their lives and their memories, but I’m ready to be a scrapper again!

What does this mean for you?

Will your shoppe be on sale?

You betcha! Everything in the my store will be 50% off, including scoops, but excluding the handwriting font services.

Can I still get my handwriting done by you?

The font services will still be available through May 31st at Sweet Shoppe.

I’ve already ordered a custom font from you. Does this mean it’s not valid anymore?

Not at all! I’ll be honoring any custom and premier handwriting font service purchase (including any made this week) through December 31, 2014. But be aware, there may be some delay in returning your font to you because of the influx of fonts anticipated. I’ll do my best to get them back and a timely manner, and I’ll let you know an estimated date of return.

Will your fonts still be available for commercial use?

If you’ve already purchased a font from me for commercial use purposes, then yes, they are available for commercial use, still. The TOU still applies. If you’re like to purchase fonts in the future for commercial use, please check out my dafont.com catalogue. More fonts will be available there in the future.

Where will you be going?

You’ll still see me all over Facebook showing off my scrapbook pages about our life. I’m going to love scrapping full-time again! Plus, I’ll be continuing my job at Digital Scrapper as the Forum  & Social Media Director. And don’t assume that just because I’m not selling in your favorite scrapbooking store anymore that there won’t be a freebie or two coming from me on occasion! Make sure you follow my Facebook Page to grab them! You can also check out my fonts at dafont.com which will be updated regularly!

I want to thank you all for being so supportive over all these years. Thanks to Kimberly Geswein for giving me the confidence to go out there on my own, thanks to Robin and the staff at Sweet Shoppe for putting up with me all these years, and thank to you for sharing your memories with me in all of your scrapbook pages.

What’s Your Storytelling Personality?

What's your storytelling personality? Storytelling Inspiration from Darcy Baldwin {fontography}

My Mom and Dad were happy story tellers. All the stories they told were of happy times. I’m not sure if it’s because there were a lot of not happy times they just didn’t want to remember, of if it’s because they were just wired to remember those happy moments in life – and those were their memories. Our photos, the stories told around the table and in cars on trips were always the happy moment. I don’t think either were trying to hide anything, i just think that’s the way they were.

I did an informal poll today on both my Facebook page and at Sweet Shoppe to get an idea of how you scrapped. It was about 75% Real to 25% Happy. Neither is right or wrong. Being a Happy scrapper doesn’t mean you’re sweeping things under the rug, nor does being a Real scrapper mean you’re so focused on the dark part of life you can’t see joy. I think it’s a personality trait more than anything.

I loved what Dawn had to say about her Happy journaling personality:

I tend to shy away from the bad stuff, or I will mention it but don’t go into a lot of detail about it. Especially if it is my kid who is going through a bad time, like bad behavior or medical stuff. I’m not sure it’s fair of me to throw a lot of info out there in our albums which could embarrass them later down the road. I guess I’m a believer that some things are TMI or just private to the person experiencing them. I do on rare occasion do a page just for catharsis about my own stuff, but I keep that just for me and don’t put it in our family albums.

Here’s a sample of a real journaling story from my team member, Laura. She’s pretty famous for telling it like it is in hour journal style, and sharing her innermost angst as well as joys.

Me, on the other hand, I’m a mixture. When looking through my gallery, I found that I do like to scrap all of our times, which are mostly happy, and even when I’m scrapping the not so great times, I’m not fully sharing my anxiety or fear, but wanting to make sure I get that moment down…because it happened. Our lives are full of joy and pain, sorry and happiness, and while I don’t want to dwell on the bad, I do want to record the memory as long as it is a  memory of our journey, and not delving into the pain. Here’s an example

Argh?  by Darcy Baldwin @ Sweet Shoppe Designs

Our son was diagnosed with Amblyopia about a year ago, and I had a ton of mommy-guilt about why we hadn’t noticed any of the signs earlier. Aiden was really concerned about what people were going to think of him, and frustrated by all this new attention that made him feel uncomfortable and pulling him away from his safe little world. But I found when I journaled it, I was a little more matter of fact about it, and stuck with more of the story of the actual aftermath and the funny side of it more than I told the angst, but I still shared the moment of uncertainty with the layout.

What about you? How do YOU scrap your stories? Are you Happy or Real?  I bet most of you fall somewhere in between. My new collection gives you a little of both!

I Tell Stories Font Collection by Darcy Baldwin {fontography} @ Sweet Shoppe DesignsIt’s 20% off through 8/7/2013 – use it to tell your Happy and your Real stories!